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Happy Mother’s Day. What better way to observe the day or pay respect to its founder than to come to the Mother's Day Sunday Worship Service at 11 AM on May 12, 2024? Reverend Matthew Dotson will be conducting the service. The service will be followed by an open house until 5 p.m. The International Mother’s Day Shrine at 11 East Main Street in downtown Grafton, WV.

International Mother's Day Shrine, Grafton, WV

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International Mother's Day Shrine

National Historic Place - December 18, 1970

National Historic Landmark - October 5, 1992

National United Methodist Historic Site - June 30, 2007

All contributions are tax deductible:
(Section 501(c)(3))

To donate, click on Restoration Project for links.

International Mother's Day Shrine, Grafton, WV
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